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The most professional, the greatest

Our Historic

Challenge and Objectives

Pro-Assur, founded by Mr. Adel CHEBBI in 2007, composed of a young team surrounded by experienced professionals in all fields and sectors. 

We started moderately, in a colocation office at Lac 1, working to target the market, clarify our positioning, put a future development strategy, strengthen our communication and work as a team, to position itself as an undisputed market leader. 

Notre Système d’Information répond aux normes internationales. Sa conception a été confié par notre direction systeme d’information.

Today, and after years and hard work, and our selflessness, we have been able to achieve our primary objectives: to have an independent headquarters located at 12 Bis Imen Mouslem street, El Menzeh IV, with a set of branches to ensure the proximity of our services to our customers throughout the Tunisian territory, whose management is entrusted to more than 60 employees putting all knowledge to ensure a quality service, being responsive and professional. 

Our History

Proof of our success

Our Goals

Your loyalty is our brand image and proof of our success.

Ensure a climate of trust shared with the insurance industry witch is always suffering.

Be the leader in Africa

Why choose us

Client Agent

In accordance with Article 69 of the Insurance Code.

Adviser and assistant

We defend your interests and meet your real needs.

Customized CRM portal

Nous vous assurons un bon Systeme d’Information et la gestion fluide de vos contrats et statistiques.

Justified confidentiality

We are bound by professional secrecy and obligation at discretion.

AProfessional Liability Insurance

We have a contract that covers damages that have occurred in the framework of our professional activity and our services.

Our Clients

Diversification at all levels

  • Geographic: throughout the Tunisian territory

  • Nature: Public and private

  • Type: Individual and Professional (Portfolio)

  • Nationality: foreign and Tunisian

Our Values

Creativity, Excellence and Respect





Our Mangers

Competence, responsibility and organisation



General Manager



Sales Manager, Marketing & Network

M. Faicel ABOUDA

Mr. Faicel ABOUDA

Human Resources & Juridical Manager